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Stents Research and Development

Veritas Bioventions is an advanced stage, research and development company pursuing the commercialization of the next generation of fully biocompatible coating for Stents (biocompatible, non-toxic, non-thrombogenic, non-inflammatory & highly angiogenic) and cutting edge technology for DES. Veritas Bioventions has engineered a process to produce a carrier that can carry many classes of therapeutic agents. The projects on DES will address all the shortcomings of the present commercially available DES. We have also pioneered in the field of polymer free coating technology in DES with more than five different proprietary coating technology which are in progress & which will also address all the future complication of present DES of late thrombosis.

Veritas Bioventions is also working on active drug delivery systems that can deliver varying combinations and doses of many therapeutic agents including large and small molecules, proteins, peptides and Genes.