WaneCore Dental Implants

WANECORE DENTAL IMPLANT is a root-form endosseous implant system designed to mimic the shape of the tooth for directional load distribution. WaneCore dental implant is indicated for surgical placement in the upper or lower jaw arches, to provide a root form means for single or multiple units’ prosthetic appliance attachments to restore patient’s chewing function. Implant can be placed with conventional two stage surgical process with an option for transmucosal healing or they can be placed in single stage surgical process for immediate loading.
WaneCore dental implant has micro channels on the collar, custom made threads are incorporated on the body of the implant, and the surface of the implant is modified with blasting process (Sandblasted, Large-grit, Acid-etched (SLA) surface) for fast healing to get good initial stability. SLA surfaces have high over roughened implant by demonstrating enhanced Osseointegration, Significantly greater bone - implant - contact (BIC), Greater shear strength of bone-to-implant surface. An internal conical connection with hex is incorporated in the implant design for post restorative attachments and for implant placement and driving.

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