WaneCore™ Implant - Surgical Kit

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WaneCore Dental Implant system consists of comprehensive surgical kit. WaneCore surgical Kit mainly consist all length & diameters of Surgical drills for cavity preparation, Parallel Pins and Depth gauge for accurate cavity measurements, Various Implant drivers for Surgical placement of Dental implant in to the cavity and Adjustable Torque Wrench for implant placement at various forces.

Individual surgical drills are provided for individual length of the implant which provides precise and accurate cavity preparation for implant placement.

All surgical drills are laser marked for the easy identification and manufactured from surgical steel with higher hardness and corrosion resistance properties, these drills are further coated with DLC (Diamond Like Coating) to increase the life and cutting efficiency of the drills.

All these surgical kit components are provided in sterilizable surgical tray with well define color coding and laser marking for easy identification of all the components.

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