WaneCore™ Implant - Specifications

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Implant Design : Parrallel wall cylindrical with apical taper having self tapping micro channels at crestal level for increased primary stability.

Surface Texture : SLA ( Large Grit Sand Blasted Acid Etched ) surface for greater BIC ( Bone Implant Contact ) & enhanced Osseointegration.

Threads : Self tapping dual threads for increased surface area and greater primary & secondary stability.

Connection : Internal Hex Conical connection with screw retained abutments.

Prosthetic : Wide Range of abutments for fixed, fixed-ditachable and semi-fixed prosthetics.

Most Important Features

• Bevel on the top for greater bone volume leads to minimize the bone loss, encourage soft tissue integration.

• Micro Channels reduces the crestal stress; supports primary stability minimizes the bone loss.

• Parallel wall cylindrical Implant body for greater bone to implant contact hence increase primary stability.

• Active dual threads, increases surface area hence stability.

• SLA surface for Faster bone Adhesion.

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